Our First Priority

"Declare his glory among the nations, 
his marvelous works among all the peoples!"

1 Chronicles 16:24

As a church we are firmly committed to mission, our "first priority". We believe in sending, supporting and reaching our neighbourhoods and the nations. Those who have been sent out from us remain closely connected to this church family through regular communication, coming home to visit and receiving visiting teams.Destiny Church trains, sends out and supports many missionaries. .

We are here to everyone we come into contact with!


Hong Kong

The Chamberlains – Neville and Irene

Location: Asia – based in Hong Kong

Mission: To produce multi-media and written material for use in Hong Kong and abroad.

For over 30 years, Neville and Irene Chamberlain have been in ministry. Presently they are based in Asia and are creating and distributing Gospel resources that go all over mainland through Chinese visitors returning home from Hong Kong. Irene is involved in pioneering and multiplying Discovery Bible Studies. Through this ministry many exciting opportunities have opened up in supporting and working with the people of Asia.


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The Luscombes – Warren and Sheena

Location: Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia

Mission: To pastor indigenous Australians and see the Gospel transform the community.

Warren and Sheena have been ministering to the Aboriginal people of Australia. In 2004 they moved to Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia and were appointed Senior Pastors. In this time they have done a major renovation to the existing church building and have also built short-term emergency accommodation for the local people. They have the heart for the valley and have been ministering in and around the surrounding communities, with a focus to disciple people to faith in Jesus Christ. They have an administrative role in supporting the West Kimberley Australian Aboriginal Outreach (AAOM) churches and indigenous Pastors.


Thomas Luscombe

Location: Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia

Mission: To pastor indigenous Australians and see the Gospel transform the community.

Thomas is now officially pursuing the call of God on His life for full time ministry. To this end he works part time, studies and fulfils a myriad of roles within the life of the church that range from cleaning, bus driving, worship leading, general maintenance and preaching, with a lot more in between. Having lived in Fitzroy Crossing for most of his life, Thomas is wellequipped in his understanding of what his future looks like.


The Wiltshires – Brett and Justine

Location: Geraldton, Western Australia

Mission: Oversee indigenous churches and communities in WA; resourcing and training new pastors and workers.

Brett, Justine and family have lived and ministered in Halls Creek and throughout the Kimberley to Aboriginal people since the year 2000. For ten years they were Senior Pastors of Halls Creek Aboriginal Outreach Church and the AAOM Training Centre. They saw the church grow in strength and disciples being made for Jesus. In the last 14 years they have trained many people, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous to step out in their ministry calling.

In 2011 they raised an Aboriginal couple up to become the pastors of the local church. This released Brett and Justine to focus on overseeing, teaching, training and leading the many AAOM churches in Western Australia. As of 2014, they were appointed as the National Directors of AAOM.  They are passionate in seeing people trained, released and empowered to plant churches and see Aboriginal communities transformed by the Power of God.


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Michael and Karen Mackerell

Location: Stuttgart, southwest Germany.

Mission: Invited to work alongside the leadership at OLGA-Gemeinde Church as pastors with the aim of revitalising the church and reaching the community.

Michael and Karen were senior pastors at Destiny Church for over 30 years. During this time, they championed missions and sent many from Destiny to the far corners of the earth. In 2019, God called them on a new adventure to be missionaries in Germany. They were asked to work at the Olga Church in Stuttgart, Germany for two years in helping the church become more open and relevant to the community. They have a heart to see God work in people's lives and disciple them to follow him to their full potential. They are reaching out to the refugee and migrant communities in their city.


Sam and Alisha Krauter

Location: Weisenbach, south Germany.

Mission:Plant churches and oversee a youth movement.

Sam and Alisha moved to Weisenbach, south Germany in 2010 and were appointed as Senior Pastors of Ekklesia Church. In that time they have seen the church grow from a few to many and seeing many young people impacted with the Gospel. They are training and handing the church over to local leaders. Sam has taken on the role of national leader of the denomination. They pray that their leadership will allow God space to move in their denomination. Germany is a place where many people know about religion and few too many know what it is to have a real and loving relationship with Jesus. They are passionate in seeing a vibrant, faith filled and loving churches impact Germany and the world.


Mark and Andi Bellamy

Location: Altdorf, South Germany.

Mission: Reach out to the youth in town, build small groups for teenagers and young adults, oversee the ministry for kids, teenagers and young adults.

Mark is a part of the "Christus-Gemeinde Altdorf" church leadership and studying theology part time. He runs a couple of small groups for teenagers and young adults as well as being involved in the children's ministry. Altdorf is a small town with about 16,000 inhabitants containing three large schools with more than 1,500 students. Mark and Andi married in 2019 and are praying for God to lead them in their new life together. 

Christus-Gemeinde Altdorf has said "We as a church want to reach out into our town and especially to the youth and we are very glad to have Mark with us to pursue this goal".


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Restricted Access Nations

Restricted Access Nations

Nick and Fay

Nick and Fay have been working as doctors in a RAN since 2013.  Their work has evolved in an amazing way with Fay working with two group involved with community health education in villages and in assisting the local people in training them for this task,  and with a women’s refuge where she assists staff in how to manage the issues of trauma from DV, and in counselling women who are there.

Nick, as a paediatrician,  has work which is now mostly with children who have some disability.  The data he has collected and analysed and presented at national level has led to national policy changes to assist in the process or reducing the numbers of children with disabilities and to assist and train local doctors and other practitioners to work with children with disabilities and be able to assist them to improve their function.  In 2017 he was awarded a medal from the local Ministry of Health for his contributions to the country.  The work he now engages in involves training local doctors how to assess and manage children with different disabilities, continuing to collect data on children with disabilities and analysing this, being involved with national policy development when requested to improve health services,  and consulting and giving parents accurate information about their child and what can be done to mange them better.  As part of his work he has assisted in the making of basic furniture for children with disabilities and more recently in the making of phototherapy lights to manage children who have significant jaundice in the neonatal period which if severe, can cause brain damage which can be a life long disability.  These lights which can be made locally, are effective and much cheaper than  commercially available products.

Over the time he has been in this country he has been able to attract 3 grants from the  NZ and Australian Embassies in Moscow for the development of local services.  All of these grants has assisted in the development of local services which has been a great boost to the local medical and nursing staff.

Their work in this country is bringing much kingdom goodness to this place.

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