Sharing and Support

An integral part of who we are as a church family. They're a place where we do life together, share and support one another, hear from God, make new friends and feel part of a family.

The foundation of community life at Destiny Church is its Life Groups.

A Life Group is a small group of people who gather in homes to encounter God together, share the joys and the struggles of life and see God's love, truth and presence applied to everyday living. They are active, growing, changing hubs of life. We believe the best place for people to grow to their full potential in Christ and to be released into all that God has for them is in a small group community.

We encourage everyone in our church family to become part of a Life Group. This is where we can connect with one another in a deep and genuine way, become equipped for our Christian life, practice accountability to and for one another, train up potential leaders and reach out to the un-churched.

Want to Join a Life Group?

People can easily feel a bit disconnected from a church. They can attend church, be part of a large crowd, but never really get involved, make friends, develop their spiritual gifts or be accountable in a practical way. Being part of a Life Group provides the opportunity to fulfil these important elements .

Purpose Of A Life Group

To Care

It is a place where Christians can gather together to care for one another through encouragement and practical expressions of love and kindness.

To Disciple

It is a place where Christians can grow together to become fervent followers of Jesus Christ through the process of discipling, teaching and mentoring.

To Develop Gifts

It is a place where Christians can develop and use their God-given gifts and abilities to help others.

To Outreach

It is a place where Christians can bring their friends, neighbours and relatives who want to learn more about the life that is in Jesus Christ.

Get Started Today!

There are Life Groups based on interests (business people or running etc), family life (single, married, parents etc) and age groups (campus students, young adults, families etc). There’s a Life Group for everyone so there is a Life Group for YOU!.

Why Join A Life Group

To establish meaningful relationships.
To grow in my relationship with God and others.
To find strength when I am in need.
To develop the ministries that God has given me.
To help me evangelise.
To share my faith in Christ.
To meet the practical needs of others.
To be part of a team.
To use my spiritual gifts.